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This prototype visualizes the link between issues in Qt's public Jira, it also offers a feature to find missing links bewteen issues in Qt Jira and a feature to check the consistency of a release (fix version).
Typing in an issue key from Qt's public JIRA can show you its direct and indirect links to other issues. If you select an issue in the visualisation, you will see some issue information on the right side of the graph as well as a button which will redirect you to the JIRA page of that issue.


The visualized issues can be filtered depending on their status, type and priority. Currently, the default filter does not show issues which are already closed. Thus, some nodes might be orphaned with not appareant connection to the searched issue key.

Issue Key

You can type in a single issue (f.e. QTWB-30). The service will then look up the corresponding issue in University of Helsinki's service milla and get the information about links and issues.


This service can show you direct (depth 1) and indirect links (depth 2-5). Depth 2 are the links of issues that are directly connected to the searched issue, depth 3 are the links of issues of depth 2 and so on, up until depth 5. If you do not specify a depth the default value is 1. While viewing the issue link map you can switch between the different depths.

Link Detection

Use the link detection to find issues which might be related to the currently selected issue. Attention: The accepted and rejected links are not automatically transfered to the Jira database.

Consistency Checker

The Consistency Checker verifies the viability of the release plan regarding the issue link map. For example if a feature is required by another one, it is not assigned to later release.

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